High School Squash Coaching Certification

An American Sport Education Program (ASEP) based High School Squash Coaching Certification Course will be held in the month of June, 2008 at Smith College in Northampton, MA.

Course Overview:

  • The ASEP Coaching Principles course consists of an eight-hour course followed by self-study of the course text, Successful Coaching, Fourth Edition, and a test.  Unlike online or college-run ASEP courses, this course will be taught using squash-specific examples by an ASEP Certified Instructor who is also a Squash Canada Level 4 Coach,accompanied by an additional eight hours of practical hands-on or on-court coaching practice and feedback.


  • Coaching Principles course is especially appropriate for coaches of athletes 14 years of age and older, at the high school, college, Olympic, and serious club-sport levels.
  • Currently, 40 state high school associations, 200 colleges and universities, and 13 national governing bodies currently use, require, or recommend the Coaching Principles Course in whole or in part to meet coaching education requirements for their organizations.
  • Unlike the U.S. Squash Coaching Certification Courses, this course is not designed by playing level or ability, but designed specifically to meet the needs of high school squash coaches: preparation for group or squad training targeting the specific growth, development, and learning needs of the teenaged student-athlete. We highly recommend the U.S. Squash Coaching Courses, and suggest that they be taken in addition to this course.
  • A complete description of the Principles course can be found here.
  • Additional topics include: stroke analysis (including video & Dartfish), court movement, tactical model and analysis, coaching the JV squad, squash injury prevention & core training, annual and longterm planning for the high school athlete, on-court mental training, and LTADs.
  • Coaches will have an opportunity for both peer and Course Instructor feedback for at least one group coaching session.


To be arranged.Download Course Outline here.


Summer 2012 Dates to be posted shortly. Cost of course is $295 including ASEP materials,  Late registration is $325 to cover cost of extra administration (photocopies, CDs, planning, etc.).


Coaches completing the entire course will receive a High School Squash Coaching Certificate and ASEP certification upon completion of the ASEP test with a minimum grade of 80%.

Accomodation, Directions, Meals

Recommended hotel – Valley Inn and Suites – 413-582-4282. Walking distance to town center and Smith College.

Bagels, coffee and OJ 3o min. prior to start of a.m. session (provided) – Subway (your cost) pick-up for “working” lunches.

Northampton – America’s #1 Liberal Arts Town (and webcam)

Directions to Smith College’s Ainsworth Gym Squash Courts

Course Instructor

Tim Bacon, BPHE, M.A., Lecturer, Dept. of Exercise & Sport Studies, Smith College

CSCS, Squash Canada Level 4 Coach


Please leave any questions concerning the course in the space below, or e-mail Tim Bacon at: squashscience@gmail.com.

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